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About Papillion

Papillion History

Business Environment

Papillion is a city in Sarpy County, Nebraska. It is home to 19,500 residents with an average age of 36 and an average income of $74,111.


As a winner of many awards, such as for its aquatic center and recognition from national magazines for its quality of life, and with many amenities including 16 parks, 19 recreational trails, two golf courses and entertainment venues such as Sumtur Amphitheater and Werner Park, you can see why Papillion is a great place to live.


Interested in reaching the Papillion market?   Call or email us at 402.932.7243 or info@papillionbusinesses.com to learn how we can help you connect and grow your business through our website and networking.


Local lore tells the story  that Papillion was named when a French fur trader saw a butterfly and exclaimed, "papillon!" This became the name of the creek and the city with a different spelling, "Papillion."

1866 -Union Pacific Railroad Depot

Salings Grove  was created as a depot for the Union Pacific Railroad along its tracks. Having a depot helped ensure having a successful city.

1883 - Incorporation

The city of Papillion was incoporated in 1883.

The city of Papillion prides itself not just on being among the best cities in the US to live but for its pro-business environment.  Papillion has the lowest city tax levy in the metro area and no restaurant tax.


The city further prides itself on completing its commercial plan reviews within 10 working days and for single-family dwellings within five.


This is why we say, "Papillion is a great place to live and do business."


If you want to find out for yourself how great it can be to do business in Papillion, call or email us at 402.932.7243 or info@papillionbusinesses.com to learn how we can help you.

2012 -Historical Marker

A historical marker for the railroad was erected as the result off a Leadership Sarpy project  at Sump Library. It is shown above near where the first track was laid.