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Chinese Restaurant: Hunan Palace  

Eat there or take Chinese food to go.

About Papillion


About Us

Local legend has it a French fur trapper came to this area and exlaimed when he saw a butterfly in his native tongue, "papillon".  This is the story the city tells on how it was named.


The railroad made its way west to this area  in the late 1800s helping town grow and flourish.  Today the population is over 20,000  people.


The city of Papillion boasts many things:

--Money Magazine: #2 Best Place to Live, 2015

--Moody’s: Credit Rating (Aa2)

--Bloomberg Businessweek: Best Place to Raise Kids (in Nebraska), 2013

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St. Martha's Episcopal Church St. Martha's is the first church to be listed here on our website,

Please visit often and watch the Papillion community directory listings grow and learn what fun and useful businesses and other places there are in this precious city of Papillion, Nebraska!


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Established in 2008, Little Mountain Web Design has been focused on helping small business owners and organizational leaders achieve their online marketing goals.


We specialize in custom-made websites, website renovation, search engine optimization (SEO), Internet advertising, social media, press releases and other online marketing services.

PapillionBusinesses.com was developed to help connect the Papillion community with each other,  the surrounding area as well as beyond to help people learn about Papillion and move here.


It was also developed to help businesses and organizations connect with their local geo-specific target audience via advertising and story telling.


Advantages of Advertising with Us:

--Geo-Specific News, Advertising and Stories

--Truly Local: Writen by Papillion Residents

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