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Papillion Churches: St. Martha's Episcopal Church

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Through all our activities we are striving to live into our mission “…to be an open community of faith that celebrates and shares the miraculous presence of God.” 


We pride ourselves on being a safe and open community for those on a spiritual journey. At St. Martha's, "family" comes in all shapes and sizes. We are diverse in our theology, age, family type and size. We strive to be a faithful group who believe that politics should not impact our worship of God - that our worship transcends earthly concerns.


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Learn what fun and useful businesses and resources there are in this precious city of Papillion, Nebraska at papillionbusinesses.com!


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St. Martha's Episcopal Church


780 Pinnacle Drive

Papillion, Nebraska 68046


(402) 592-5745


9:00  AM Holy Eucharist (Rite II), No Music

10:00 AM Godly Play for Children

10:10 AM Welcome and Inquiry (Adult Bible Study)

11:00 AM Holy Eucharist (Rite II), Music