Urgent: American Association for People with Disabilities Needs Your Help

Please help by passing this along to someone you know or add your story of how the United States Postal Service changes affect or will potentially affect you or someone you know.

While the date below says Saturday, we recommend that you email or fill the form out by Friday, if possible. This is because the hearing may have been moved to Saturday.

From our friends at AAPD:

Urgent Call for Stories!
How do changes to the USPS impact you?

The United States Postal Service has been experiencing drastic changes that have led to major delays in mail service. People around the country are experiencing weeks of delays in receiving mail-order prescriptions, medical equipment benefits checks, bills, notices, and other necessities they receive via mail. Delays in these critical items and information could result in utility shutoffs, homelessness, food insecurity, sickness, and other dire consequences for disabled people. USPS has also told 46 states and the District of Columbia that it may not be able to deliver mail-in ballots in time for the General Election in November.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the USPS was instrumental in delivering necessities and information. As the country continues to struggle with the Coronavirus pandemic, many more people rely on the USPS to receive medications through mail-order pharmacies. Millions of Americans plan on voting by mail to exercise their right to vote while maintaining social distance.

The National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) and the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) are asking for your help in collecting stories that we can use to illustrate how the changes to the USPS are impacting people with disabilities. We are looking for:

Stories from people who have experienced delays in receiving the following:
How have USPS delays impacted you in receiving:
Medical supplies, including durable medical equipment
Basic Necessities
Paychecks or benefit checks
Bills and notices
Stories from people who plan to vote by mail in the November election. How do you feel about the changes to the USPS so far, and how have these changes impacted your plans to vote in November?

Our goal is to collect these stories and send them to the House of Representatives prior to the House Oversight Committee’s emergency hearing on mail delays taking place on August 24th.

Please submit stories through this form or by sending them to sarah@ncil.org by Saturday, August 22nd at midnight. Please include your first name (or initials), your city and state, and two to three paragraphs concisely telling your story.

Submit Stories Here

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